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Published this week
Company-freelance marketplace
Founded in 2013, Doctolib is the fastest growing e-health service in Europe. We provide healthcare professionals with the services and support to transform healthcare for good!

Published in April
Modern clinical trials
Business sustainability ratings
Thanks to Guriosity and its weekly rendez-vous, I never miss on interesting tech articles without infinitelly scrolling through Twitter, Linkedin or RSS feeds!
Published in March
Logistics for a sustainable world
Tech blogs are an awesome source of learning, but they are hard to keep track of! With Guriosity, it all comes to me!
Published in February
Application security platform
French companies have a lot to share and Guriosity is a great way to filter things out, thanks to a qualitative curation done by Ari! It's the first place I go to check out for new ideas.
Published in January
Instant photo printing
I spent 30 minutes on I discovered companies I didn't even know about!
Furniture and home decor
Ride-hailing app
Jobs for recent graduates
Decentralized voice assistant