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Published in July

Criteo Tech Blog

Advertising technology solutions

⌨️ 112 articles

Thanks to Guriosity and its weekly rendez-vous, I never miss on interesting tech articles without infinitelly scrolling through Twitter, Linkedin or RSS feeds!
Published in June

Akeneo Tech Blog

Product Information Management

⌨️ 11 articles

Tech blogs are an awesome source of learning, but they are hard to keep track of! With Guriosity, it all comes to me!
Published in May
French companies have a lot to share and Guriosity is a great way to filter things out, thanks to a qualitative curation done by Ari! It's the first place I go to check out for new ideas.
Published in April

Inato Tech Blog

Modern clinical trials

⌨️ 14 articles

I spent 30 minutes on I discovered companies I didn't even know about!
Published in March
I believe that all tech teams have tremendous value to share. With Guriosity, I want to encourage more tech teams to share their learnings and make sure they are read by you.

Snips Tech Blog

Decentralized voice assistant

⌨️ 78 articles